What kind of a name is Route 3 Films?

Well, Route 3 is a lonely ribbon of road that connects my hometown of Alton, Illinois with my new home, St. Louis, Missouri. Old Route 3 is a stretch of road that I have traveled more times than I can remember. My earliest memories on Route 3 were coming home from St. Louis Cardinal games when I was a kid….and always falling asleep in the car before we made it home. It was the road we always took to the “big city” for grade-school field trips and countless family camping trips to southern Missouri. It was the road my Dad hauled me and many a race car to the drag strip where, for much my childhood, I helped him race. I loved the experiences and the characters I met at the races. Being around the cars, the people and the history shaped my deep appreciation for old stories of street racing lore that surrounded old Route 3 in the 1960′s. Later in my life, I traveled this stretch of road many times when I was attending Webster University and dreaming about what I would do with my life and what stories I might tell someday. Many years later when I made the decision to leave a career of 10 years….it was Route 3 that carried me up to Alton to seek advice from family and friends. I guess old Illinois Route 3, to me, is about going home, about having a history and telling great stories.

My great friend and a true inspiration in my life, Michael Gebben, was the catalyst for my career change. Making films for his company and experiencing his friendship has been truly life changing. After almost three years working together, I decided to build my own company and a brand that is all me. Speaking of brand, you might notice a little hot rod vibe in my logo, what can I say, nostalgia and Americana are a huge part of my life…. I’ve always loved the open road and how maps and signs lead us to the places we want to go…and sometimes, to points unknown beyond the horizon.

If you’d like to learn more about one of my many passions, you can visit a new section of my website called The Wagon and see a 3-part series I made with my Father and our old race car. 

Tell me your story at Ryan@Route3Films.com