I didn’t want to let another day go by without thanking you for the “Aaron’s Story” film. I’ve always known how talented you are, but you really brought the Concordance mission to life with this film. We only wish you could have been at the gala to see the response to it. In addition to the majority of guests wiping tears from their eyes, it was amazing to see the confidence it inspired in Aaron that night. You captured the emotion, but also the substance of our program. Chris and Devan’s words brought a credibility to our employment efforts, and highlighted the impact our community can have when we come together to support those coming home from prison.

Thank you – a million times over. You’re a true partner.

Shannon Durio, Marketing Coordinator, CONCORDANCE ACADEMY of LEADERSHIP

Simply put, Ryan and the Route 3 Films team have made a profound impact on our recruitment efforts. Ryan’s films are dynamic and creative and have given us another tool to reach prospective students for our graduate programs. The films have increased staying time on our website by 78% and decreased immediate exits on our website by over 220%! With guidance from Route 3 Films in Social Media, we have also extended our reach via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ryan and his team are a pleasure to work with- so much in fact, what started as a one film project has blossomed into 10 films and counting!

Andrew Richards, DBBS Director of Recruitment, Alumni Affairs & Information Systems Washington University in St. Louis

I worked with Ryan Hanlon as Creative Director for the production of several videos for celebrity and father of the coaching industry, Tony Robbins. By far, Ryan’s reputation and emphasis on solid and effective communication, clarity of vision, and lightning fast execution made him easily the best videographer I have worked with to date. We count on Hanlon and his team to develop our most critical video output and as the Creative Lead of the Tony Robbins brand, its imperative that we work with the industries best and Ryan Hanlon is that.

Josh Hunter, Creative Lead at Tony Robbins

Ryan spent many hours working with our students and teachers as he interviewed them for the film. He made sure that the video would shed the best light on the Marquette students and the classrooms in which they were interviewed. Ryan spent countless hours at Marquette sporting events getting just the right footage to tell our story. And what a story he told. We show the video at Open Houses, visits to grade schools and to students and families who visit us. We have gotten so many compliments and I believe this tool has helped us increase our enrollment by about 50 students in the last 2 years.

I fully recommend Ryan Hanlon and Route 3 Films for your future projects. Ryan has what it takes to move your company/school/church group etc into the right direction. He can tell the story of your place of business in 3 minutes that would take you much longer to tell and your company will grow because the great response you will receive.

Meg Miller, Director of Development at Marquette Catholic High School in Alton, IL

As a nonprofit, we have to be budget conscious while still striving to deliver an impactful message to our donors and the community. Ryan Hanlon and Route 3 Films help us through each step of the process; from creating the concept, determining the tone and advising on best practices to share the final video. The quality and production of the videos they deliver have taken our marketing strategies to the next level and helped increase awareness of our mission in the community. Working closely with Ryan, it’s immediately apparent that his heart and soul is in helping people. It’s been such a pleasure working with Route 3 Films and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Jamie Clark, Development Specialist, Independence Center St Louis

If a picture shares one thousand words, a video shares a million! Well worth the budget, our film project with Ryan Hanlon was beyond successful. It debuted at an annual dinner, inspiring guests to give on the spot and raising an additional $10K for our mission. An awesome video starts with an inspiring vision (which we all have) and stellar organization (which Ryan has). Combined, these forces will tell your story to the busiest of consumers in a way that will make them pause and consider. No time to take on another marketing project? Think again. Ryan and his team make it a snap to film, edit and roll your project out the door and onto the big screen…or your website. Going above and beyond is Ryan’s personal mantra and he demonstrates it in every project by offering extra advice for using your video to achieve more than your goals…he helps you achieves your dreams. Thanks for an awesome storytelling tool, Ryan!

Debby Edelman, PR Director, Riverbend Head Start & Family Services

As a visual and performing arts school, we knew a traditional promo video wouldn’t even come close to peaking a creative student’s interest. Ryan was able to come in and capture in one day what we spend an entire year developing within our students, only better!  He has an amazing eye for detail and an outstanding vision for creative ways to showcase a school.  Ryan’s work made all of us step up to be the kind of school he portrayed on the video.

Dr. Amy Phillips, Principal, Central Visual and Performing Arts High School

Ryan Hanlon and his crew are the Real Deal! Ryan’s ability to tell an accurate and compelling story through media is truly an artistic talent. From the moment I saw him give his first interview I knew that a true professional was helping my cause to protect my beloved Wasatch Mountains. The end result was a powerful mini documentary told by local people and presented from an outsiders perspective that really just “got it”! Ryan and his team are positive thinking, progressive moving individuals that will not disappoint and their time and talent are priceless! Thanks Ryan and Chadwell!

Jamie Kent, Stop SkiLink

Ryan and Route 3 have done great work for St. Louis Public Schools for over 4 years. Ryan initially came to us as a caring, connected parent – both his children attended an SLPS school – and wanted to help us share our story. He brought a unique perspective and tons of industry expertise that not only helped us get a new message out, but also helped shape the venues in which we would share that message. He has been a great thought partner and always comes to the table with new ideas, suggestions, and lots of energy. His team works quickly and is very responsive. The beautiful, touching short films they have created for us have indeed sparked a new conversation for our schools, and for that we are very grateful.

Rachel Seward
Deputy Superintendent of Institutional Advancement
Saint Louis Public School District

There are not enough hours in the day, for us to get every community group, potential donor and client into our classrooms to showcase our mission in action. That’s why we have leaned on the talents of Ryan Hanlon and his Route 3 team for several video projects. We are a non-profit operating on a tight budget, but you would never know it because he treats us like clients with a million dollar budget.

Each time we review one of his films for the first time, we are blown away. They are more than we could have imagined. Prior to the shoot, we discuss concepts with him, key messages and then his creativity, storytelling skills and vision fuel the film. The variety of footage, including candid shots and interviews, as well as the pace, editing, soundtrack and transitions perfectly capture the spirit of our mission and the children and families we serve.

We have debuted several of the films at our annual fundraiser dinner. There is no better tool to use to show 300+ people how they can make a difference and invite them to partner with you.

When you work with Ryan and the Route 3 team, you are working with passionate professionals who believe in you and your mission. They want you to succeed and will consistently deliver films that allow you to do just that.

Kristen Gosling, Public Relations Director, Riverbend Head Start and Family Services

It is with great pleasure that I send this short note of thanks for your extreme dedication to the success of our baseball program. Upon completion of our second year working together, I feel the need to reflect back on the positive gains that have been facilitated through the hard work, dedication, and loyalty that you have displayed to the baseball program at Alton High School.

Several years ago, I was in search of a way to spread the message of the great things that our program had to offer with the River Bend Community. Additionally, I wanted a way to spread this message directly without any interference. The answer came when I was introduced to Ryan Hanlon and his gift for ‘true life videos”. The efforts of Ryan and his crew have produced one of the most motivational videos I have ever seen. To date, I have been contacted by people all across the nation regarding the film that he made for my baseball program. We have nearly 50,000 views from 17 different countries on YouTube. In all honesty, our video has been a key cog in the Alton Baseball Program becoming one the most recognized athletic programs in the metro-east area as well as the State of Illinois. The enthusiasm for the program is at an all-time high!

Todd M. Haug, Varsity Baseball Head Coach, Alton High School

I often think about how far we have come in 4 years with this playhouse restoration and am shocked, proud, optimistic and eternally grateful for you , your insight, creativity, patience, expertise and vision. I really believe things happen when they are suppose to and it was time for us to stop spinning our wheels and get with the program and then …..there you were. You got us thinking in a new direction, expecting more and then getting it! Our small group is very industrious, dedicated to the playhouse and its future and I know I speak for all of them by saying THANK YOU!

We have come a long way in 4 years and know its because of you and the help you have given us along the way. Please know we are indebted to you for your kindness to us, the Lucy Haskell Playhouse, the Middletown Neighborhood and the City of Alton. We have found a friend in Ryan Hanlon.

-Sincerely and most grateful, Margaret Hopkins

Route 3 Films simply blew us away with their keen ability to showcase the faces and places of the Alton region to a broader audience. Created as an overall tourism branding piece, this film has turned into so much more. It’s simply amazing to hear visitor’s reactions to this piece, everyone in awe of the imagery and editing. The video delivers both the adventure and getaway style that is so vital to our region’s future success. It’s also exciting to watch civic pride skyrocket as local residents and even past residents share this video on social media. It continues to go viral and celebrate this place.

Brett Stawar, President and CEO, Alton Regional CVB

Ryan filmed a video for my Kickstarter campaign for my book, “The Ozark Trail: Images of Missouri’s Longest Hiking Trail.” We worked on dialogue and where the filming would take place. Ryan made me feel comfortable with the filming and I was very happy with the end result. I believe this video was immensely important in the success of my Kickstarter campaign.

Once the video was complete, Ryan was really helpful with the launch of our Kickstarter. Both in the timing and the promotion. I would definitely recommend Ryan’s services.

-Don Massey