website promo video

In these financial times, marketing is more important to businesses, schools and non-profits than ever. Prospects are being careful with their money and as such it’s getting harder and harder to sell them on products they know nothing about. They want to see results. They want to know what their money’s going towards. Due to its accessibility and its easily digestible form, a website promo video is a fantastic means of bringing the message to potential clients.

What is a Website Promo Video?

Put simply, a promo is a video that’s put together with the intention of introducing people to your company’s products and services. It educates while also keeping people’s attention. Since it’s a marketing tool, however, there’s plenty of room for creativity as well.

Typically a quality promotional video will highlight your unique selling proposition, what your business, school or non-profit has to offer, and perhaps a bit of an introduction to the history of your company. In short, it’s a soft sell that works by drawing prospective customers in slowly instead of pushing them to buy immediately. Don’t sell, just share, share your story with the prospect.

The Business Implications

What exactly does this mean for your business? For starters, a video allows you to reach more people. Whether you’re sticking to your own site or aggressively marketing throughout the Internet, website promo videos are accessible. Second, if you’re already self-promoting through sales letters or articles, this is another avenue that’s available to you. Lastly, the first two perks combined give you the opportunity to appeal to a broader base. That has to count for something.

The Benefits of a Website Promo Video

Engage People

One of the more obvious benefits of this is the fact that videos grab people in ways that text simply can’t. That immediate hook can do a lot to stop someone from clicking the back button. The goal is to keep them on your website, keep them there so they’re next click is another section of YOUR webpage. In addition, those extra minutes spent watching have the potential to turn that same visitor into a reliable customer.

Increase Reach

The truth is, visual and audio media have a way of sticking in people’s minds. So of course, a website promo video is a potentially powerful means of reaching people. The combination of name recognition, increased influence, and branding make it too good an opportunity to pass up.

Take Advantage of Existing Platforms

Right now YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the web. All people do there is watch videos. Google has been catching up by making the videos available when searched. If nothing else, a video can go a long way towards boosting your company’s visibility.

Reach Prospects the Way They Want to Be Reached

Remember in school how some classmates preferred working from written notes while others did better with PowerPoint presentations? In certain respects, people don’t change all that much after graduating. Case in point, there are some visitors who will prefer visual aids. If your product requires a lot of text to go with it as well, a website promo video is a compromise everyone can live with.

Putting together a website promo video isn’t rocket science. You don’t want to be adding it to your site indiscriminately however. You have to know why you’re using it. Done well, these vids will let you connect with customers in ways you wouldn’t believe. Consider giving it a try today.