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Bryan Haynes

an ozark story

I have been volunteering my time in the Missouri wilderness for the Ozark Trail Association since 2008. Since then I have met so many unique and interesting people.These folks inspire me and I want to help tell their story. A story that would never be told otherwise. That was the birth of my passion project known as Ozark Stories! These films are meant to shine a light on people that are busy doing good things, particularly in the great outdoors. There are no clients, no paychecks, no deadlines....just a person we think you should meet. The future of Ozark Stories is to move beyond the wilderness and tell the story of all people in diverse settings and we can't wait till our next project begins. If you have an idea for an Ozark Story, contact me. 


WENDY & the bike

DAVE'S trail

monty the cave guide


behind the scenes

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