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We have a wonderful partner at Helicon Creative that we work with to bring your brand to life.



With a rich background as the Creative Director and Brand Strategist for renowned life coach and business strategist, Tony Robbins, Josh Hunter embarked on a new journey in 2014 by founding his own creative studio—Helicon Creative. Unlike conventional agencies fixated on crafting good looking websites, Helicon ventures into uncharted territories. We specialize in propelling companies to forge competitive advantages and expand their market presence through the art of storytelling and the meticulous development of websites that authentically set their brands apart.


For Helicon Creative, a website isn't merely a digital presence; it's a dynamic tool crafted to fuel business growth. Our collaboration with Route 3 has been a testament to this philosophy. Together, we've explored inventive approaches, shaping websites into powerful vehicles that not only showcase brands but narrate compelling stories, leaving an indelible mark on our clients' audiences. 


Teaming up with Borgmeyer Dental in South City felt like a natural fit for Helicon. With a rich photography library courtesy of Route 3, we had the ideal tools to highlight this beloved local gem in South St. Louis City.


From tailored graphics and website content to region-specific SEO efforts and a user-friendly design, the launch of Borgmeyer's new website was a shared moment of satisfaction for all of us. More than half of their overall traffic now comes organically, reflecting the positive reception of the updated online platform.


The impact goes beyond the numbers—new leads and appointments are a regular occurrence, demonstrating the practical effectiveness of the site. Additionally, the responsive design caters to the needs of the significant mobile user base, comprising nearly 70% of their total traffic.


At Helicon, every project is more than a task; it's a collaborative journey. Borgmeyer Dental's narrative stands as proof of our collective endeavor to shape a meaningful online presence. We've woven compelling stories into a customer-centric web design, aligning with the way we all prefer to engage with brands in today's digital landscape.

When Route 3 approached us with the vision to revitalize St. Louis' Lang Custom Cabinet Design, our enthusiastic 'yes' was immediate. The meticulous artistry and craftsmanship inherent in each design breathed life into the concept of true customization. We recognized that unveiling their story and showcasing the breathtaking designs held the key to propelling Lang's business forward.


From a logo refresh to an entirely reimagined website and a robust project showcase, coupled with geo-targeted SEO to capture local search traffic, Lang Custom Cabinet Design's project was one we eagerly anticipated unveiling. The outcome, a fusion of outstanding photography, a compelling brand narrative, and a user-friendly website, extends a simple invitation: Explore St. Louis craftsmanship at its finest.

camaro-custom-restoration-organe-st-louis full.jpg

The allure of restoring muscle cars and American classics lies in the craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities that make each project a testament to automotive artistry. For Helicon, the opportunity to join forces with Route 3 in supporting Xtreme Muscle Carz was a dream realized.


In the service industry, it's easy to get lost in the 'what' without truly illuminating the 'why' that drives excellence. Through an immersive Discovery process with the Xtreme team, Helicon delved deep into the essence that set this restoration shop apart from its Midwestern counterparts—their collective 'why.' The timeless art of restoration unfolded through shared stories, rooted in memories of fathers working on prized cars in family garages, the scent of oil and paint, the thrill of revving engines, and the pride that accompanies completing a project. This passion and determination became the heartbeat of Xtreme's team.


Bringing it all together was a harmonious process: Route 3's exceptional photography (some of the best we've ever worked with!), a suite of new logos and icons, and, ultimately, a sleek website design that captivated Xtreme's clientele. What Xtreme Muscle Carz accomplishes is nothing short of amazing, and there's no better way to describe it. Witnessing the seamless integration of their story into an easily accessible new website reaffirms our commitment to helping clients showcase their unparalleled expertise.

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