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"Working closely with Ryan, it’s immediately apparent that his heart and
soul is in helping people!"


independence center St. Louis

the nonprofit narrative

We specialize in making films for nonprofit organizations here in St. Louis and beyond. The films are custom made for a captive audience and typically start their life at a gala event. The lights go dim, the audience quiets and soon the tears, the hugs and the high-fives have ensued. We did it, we moved an audience to emotion but now the hard work begins.


The film must live on past the big event and take on a new life in the digital world! 



The big premiere! Many of the films we make for our Nonprofit clients are premiered at gala events just before the big fund-a-need ask. The films dive deep into story, emotion, history and more. We love making these films because they are evergreen and age like a fine wine. The films can be used many times in many ways in the months and years that follow your special event. 


A beautiful and emotional film is a special thing but knowing what to do with the film is actually more important. People that work with us understand that the hard work actually begins after the film is complete. That's when we dig in and turn into your content coach. We have tried and true best practices that will guide you step by step from the live premiere to the land of Facebook. This phase of our work is the called Content Delivery and we can't wait to talk to you about it. 


We love to see tears on cheeks when our films go live in a dimly lit ballroom but it is even better to document those reactions. Don't forget that capturing an event can be as important as a great story. These films help you immortalize important or epic events that not only tell the story of your organization but hold those moments in time so that they can be shared...especially since they only happen once. Event capture of your organization in action helps remind people why you do what you do. 

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"As a nonprofit, we have to be budget conscious while still striving to deliver an impactful message to our donors and the community. Ryan Hanlon and Route 3 Films help us through each step of the process; from creating the concept, determining the tone and advising on best practices to share the final video. The quality and production of the videos they deliver have taken our marketing strategies to the next level and helped increase awareness of our mission in the community. Working closely with Ryan, it’s immediately apparent that his heart and soul is in helping people. It’s been such a pleasure working with Route 3 Films and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

Jamie Clark
Development Specialist, Independence Center

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