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"The films have increased staying time on our website by 78% and decreased immediate exits on our website by over 220%!"


nerinx hall high school

telling your school's story

I still remember it, the first time I said the words: "A Homepage Promo for your school's website". I was talking to the superintendent of the Alton, Illinois School District about putting video at the top of the high school's new website. She said: "YES, how do we do that?!?". That was 2011. I have been helping schools, colleges and universities ever since. This is what we do and we want to help you! 

Creating content is good but curating content is even better.



These are the films that fall into the promotional/awareness category. Many of these are what I call Homepage promos that are the welcome video when you land on a school’s page or subsequent pages throughout the website. This style of film is what we have become known for and they do very well on social media and beyond. 


These are Day in the Life films that are perfect examples of extended interviews or stories that were stored on a hard-drive until we began to repurpose them. Many of these folks were strong interviewees that contributed to the promotional content above but we then revisited and made more films to support the main film. These films are my favorites and have become timeless for our clients.


These are Glidecam Tours which are all about strong visuals and great music. They are not story or interview driven. These films are a less expensive but efficient option to bring video content to your audience...and they just look awesome and have many diverse uses! 


"Simply put, Ryan and the Route 3 Films team have made a profound impact on our recruitment efforts. Ryan’s films are dynamic and creative and have given us another tool to reach prospective students for our graduate programs. With guidance from Route 3 Films in Social Media, we have also extended our reach via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ryan and his team are a pleasure to work with- so much in fact, what started as a one film project has blossomed into 10 films and counting!"

Andrew Richards
Director of Admissions & Recruitment

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