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Route 3, a stretch of road intertwining my hometown of Alton, Illinois, with my current home in St. Louis, serves as the thread connecting my diverse roles as a driver, director, and dad. Childhood memories of Route 3 include sleepy rides home from St. Louis Cardinal games with my family and countless trips to the drag strip with my dad, where I developed a love for racing and its vibrant community. Later, as a student at Webster University, this road fueled my dreams of storytelling. Inspired by my friend Michael Gebben, I transitioned from a decade-long career to build my own film company, blending my passion for filmmaking and the open road. Now, as a dad, I weave my personal history into the fabric of Route 3, creating lasting memories and embracing the rich stories that define my journey. Explore more about my passions and experiences in the new section of my website, "The Wagon," featuring a 3-part series with my father and our old race car.

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Drag racing isn't just a pastime for me—it's a nod to a cherished family tradition. The thunderous engines and the rush of the finish line encapsulate the enduring excitement that fuels my love for this sport.



Immersed in the world of filmmaking, I find my truest expression behind the camera lens. From crafting compelling narratives to capturing raw emotion, directing isn't just what I do—it's the heartbeat of my cinematic passion.



Diving into the incredible journey of fatherhood has been my greatest adventure. Whether it was bedtime stories or shared laughter, being a dad is not just a role—it's the pure joy of witnessing little moments turn into lifelong memories.


At the heart of our endeavors is a commitment to giving back and making a positive impact. We extend our passion beyond the lens by actively engaging in volunteer work that resonates with the communities we hold dear. From crafting and donating impactful videos to share compelling narratives, to preserving Ozark Stories that enrich our cultural tapestry, our dedication to storytelling extends beyond professional projects. Volunteering at my kids' school is a hands-on way of investing in the next generation, fostering an environment where curiosity and creativity flourish. Additionally, our hands-on involvement with the Ozark Trail Association, building hiking trails, reflects our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the Ozarks for all to enjoy. Through these diverse initiatives, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the communities that inspire us.

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