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"Route 3 Films turns out a product that has an indescribable quality."


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tell your story

Most of my heroes are hard-working people that have built a small business from the ground up. Schools and Non-profit organizations will always be the backbone of Route 3 Films but as we have grown we have realized that working with small business owners has been very rewarding. At the end of the day, that is what Route 3 Films is...we are a small business that works everyday to be better and to do better. At everything! Social Media, content creation, email campaigns and on and on. So let us help you....because we can and we give a damn.



YOU MUST TELL YOUR STORY! We cannot emphasize this enough. Whether you are a plumber or building classic Ford Broncos...people need to land on your website and quickly figure out who you are and what you do....and more so Why you do it. Stock photography and soulless copy will not separate you from the competition, it will bury you in the herd. 


Do you want to hear from the CEO of the company or the customer? I bet I know your answer. We need to hear from the people you serve and not you. Sure we can tell your story but you cannot neglect the people that keep you in business. Find those amabassadors, those super fans, those loyal customers. Find them, put a camera in front of them and ask them why they love you! 


Laura Dierberg reached out to us after she saw one of our school films at her child's school. That was the start of a wonderful relationship with the Dierberg's family and the company. We have worked on a number of projects for this incredible company, but they have been behind the scenes for internal and HR projects. They have been so proud of these projects and now the films are being shared publicly by Dierbergs. We couldn't be more proud that these internal projects have turned into films they want to share with everyone. 


"I worked with Ryan Hanlon as Creative Director for the production of several videos for celebrity and father of the coaching industry, Tony Robbins. By far, Ryan’s reputation and emphasis on solid and effective communication, clarity of vision, and lightning fast execution made him easily the best videographer I have worked with to date. We count on Hanlon and his team to develop our most critical video output and as the Creative Lead of the Tony Robbins brand, its imperative that we work with the industries best and Ryan Hanlon is that."

Josh Hunter
Creative Lead at Tony Robbins

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