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THE Voice of Non-Profit Organizations in St. Louis, Missouri

Route 3 Films Video Production company is THE voice of Non-Profit organizations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Living in St. Louis, I quickly realized how many non-profit organizations need video as a marketing asset. I am an active volunteer for a pair of local non-profit organizations and I love the work I do for them. It was a no-brainer to realize that I could do more than occasionally volunteer at an event. Rather, I could help them raise money, tell their story and gain legitimacy and independence with a thorough video strategy. A strategy built around story telling that will Educate, Motivate and Inspire their audience. 

The exciting part about making films for Non-Profit organizations in St. Louis is that I can tell passionate stories for purposeful causes. Route 3 Films occupies a unique position serving schools and Non-profits because we choose to work with these important organizations and we love it. This is the focus at Route 3 Films. Sure, we do the occasional corporate gig but the vast majority of our work is with schools and non-profits right here in our own backyard. If you are looking for a way to grow awareness, raise money and dive headfirst into social media then we are your ally and guide. We don’t just make a film or series of films, we also walk with you down the trail to make sure you don’t hit a snag. We help in all facets of delivering video content to your audience…be it a live event, a social media campaign or a new website launch. There are so many ways to engage your audience with video and over the years we have developed a sound Delivery Mechanism with the data and testimonials to back it up.

Here are several examples of films we have created for St. Louis area Non-Profit organizations and even some as far away as Utah:


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