fours seasons hotel video

On the Road with Route 3 Films Update

We hope you are having a wonderful summer with family and friends! July has been another busy month for us, and we have been working with several different clients, like the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis and Washington University’s Department of Ophthalmology. Check out a recent film we made with our partners at Four Seasons…


university promotional video

The Benefits of a University Promotional Video

Recruiting new students, faculty or staff requires strong public relations methods and a university promotional video delivers a range of benefits. A promotional video for your school offers a powerful medium for developing a strong marketing message. While each school’s approach to video will differ, several common factors go into creating a successful video and…


school promotional video

Stand Out With A Professional School Promotional Video

A school promotional video is powerful tool in the recruitment toolkit that is becoming increasingly essential to the recruitment process.  When parents of students and students research schools, they no longer just want to read about how great a school is; they want to see for themselves.  A good school promotional video can showcase the…


website promo video

Should You Have A Website Promo Video?

In these financial times, marketing is more important to businesses, schools and non-profits than ever. Prospects are being careful with their money and as such it’s getting harder and harder to sell them on products they know nothing about. They want to see results. They want to know what their money’s going towards. Due to its accessibility…



How Non-Profit Video Can Help Your Organization

Non-profit video is currently being used with increasing success, to raise public awareness about organizations. A video film speaks to people in a way that other forms of media cannot — it can draw people in, and make them feel connected and part of the story. This means video is an exceptionally powerful tool for…


John Sterling from The Conservation Alliance

Our friends from the Conservation Alliance accepted this film from us as a gift and posted the comments below: “The backcountry brings piece of mind that can be found nowhere else. Our wild places are under threat. It must be protected.” -John Sterling. From Ryan Hanlon, the filmmaker: “While working on a documentary about Stop…



Old Cars Rule!

I am in love with old vehicles….for me, old cars seem to have a soul, a story to tell. Speaking of stories, here’s one about my first Hot Rod: I grew up working on old race cars, street machines and trucks with my Dad. I always loved working with my hands and improving old American…


St Louis Video production

The Soundtrack of your life!

Hello my friends! Just thought I would add a little post about music. Picking the right song for my films begins even before we start rolling and I take the music component of our projects very seriously. It is a huge part of these stories we are telling. People always ask me about how I…